First clean your face with Cleanser or you can also wash your face with your favorite Face Wash. Try using Face Wash according to your skin type, normal, dry or oily. Apply Moisturiser or you can also use a Sun Screen lotion to prevent yourself from getting tanned. Use Concealer to hide your dark circles under your eyes, blemishes or pimples. Apply Concealer in a triangular shape under your eyes. Always use a Concealer which is in lighter shade from your skin tone. Apply Foundation or BB Cream or CC Cream on your face and neck, whatever goes according to your taste. Spread Foundation nicely or whatever you have applied, so that your face doesn’t look whitish. It should look glamorous yet natural. Contour if you want. This is not required always. Use a shade which is two-three level darker than your skin tone. Do not use such dark shade, otherwise it looks more highlighted and doesn’t seem good.


For eyes, first apply nude or lighter Eye Shadow, then apply brown or darker Eye Shadow above the lighter one. Apply Eye Liner. You can also wing it if you like it. Apply fake eye lashes if you feel like it and know how to apply it without damaging your eyes. I personally don’t use it. Apply Kajal. To give it a more girly look, try applying your Kajal only on the ends. If we apply Kajal on lower part of our eyes, it always doesn’t go with western outfits. Apply Mascara. You can also use Eye Lash Curler to get your lashes more curly. Get your eye brows in shape using Eye Brow Palette or an Eye Brow Pencil. Get yourself an Eye Brow Palette or Pencil which matches with your eye brow color.


Apply nude or bronze Blush if you like it. But when you are countering, it is not always required to use Blush.


Highlight your cheek bones, inner corners of your eyes, nose bone and above the eye brow bone with a Highlighter and apply it well. Using a Stick Highlighter is easier than the rest.


Apply a nude, brown or lighter toned Lip Shade, so that it goes with the eye make-up and also, you are getting dressed for day time, it should look pretty and classy as well.

So now you are done with your day light make-up. Try it and impress everyone.

I hope you like it and you’re going to try it soon. I will keep updating my blog with new make-up trends for you girls. Keep following me here and on my Instagram profile, the username is “kalyani05”. For queries you can mail me on


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  1. Kirti says:

    Congratulations ..!
    Nd indeed did a grt job
    PS- i luv da second picture


    1. trendinclined says:

      Thankyou so much Kirti! 🙂


  2. Nayantara says:



    1. trendinclined says:

      Thankyou !


  3. Srishti Gulati says:

    its impressive & nicely expressed… thnx fr the guidance..


    1. trendinclined says:

      Thank you for the feedback Srishti. We will keep posting for you.


  4. wooww.. amazing, i luv it …
    congrts !! great job n luv your blog n pictures .

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    1. 5candy says:

      Thank you so so much Ekta.. 🙂


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