Happy Home Decors

  Can’t say no to science!    


By Apekchhya Shrestha 6th Feb,2017


We invest so much of our efforts trying to make our home a happy place. But these scientific research suggest that certain things at home can make us happy. These are the colors, scents, and accessories your home should have to help you pursue absolute happiness.

1 Color it in:

A study from Vrije University in Amsterdam found that yellow and green hues evoked the most feelings of happiness. Shades like blue and brown associate relaxation and comfort. A happy trend to follow now would be, as weird as it may sound, Mushroom!

Here’s a handy guide to find the best hue:




2 Light’em up:

VANILLA CANDLES— it’s super relaxing. The scent of your candle has a major impact on your happiness. A Chemical Senses study found that vanilla beans are super uplifting. So, smell and smile!




3   Frame the memories:

A study at the University of Portsmouth found that looking through old photos results in positive feelings and a sense of calmness. Turn back the pages to relive the moment.



4 La vie en rose (or any other flower)

Research conducted by Rutgers found that the presence of flowers trigger happy emotions and heightens feelings of life satisfaction. So go ahead, you just got yourself an excuse to treat yourself to fresh flowers every day.




5 Tuck those sheets in:

According to a survey by Hunch.com, 71 percent of people who make their beds consider themselves happy — while 62 percent of non-bed-makers say they’re not. That’s why they say “moms are always right!” Maybe you should be a good boy and just make your bed.




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