Venuka Mongia

Are pimples hampering your confidence? If yes, I am writing this blog post to update you about the easy home remedies to get rid of pimples.

Home remedies use for pimple:

                                                    USE ICE

img-20170204-wa0027Ice can be used to quickly reduce the redness,swelling and inflammation of helps in blood circulation to the affected area
and also remove the dirt and oil in the skin.
1.put the ice in a cloth and hold it on affected area for few minutes.
2.atleast do twice a day you will see the result.



We use tooth paste to clean our teeth every morning and night but it can also treat our pimples it is the most effective remedy use white toothpaste
i.e colgate.
1.take toothpaste on the finger and apply on the pimple area, keep this for full night. morning wash your face with water you will see some improvement.


img-20170204-wa0026Cucumber is a rich in pottasium and vitamins for eg: A,C, gives cooling to our skin helps to reduce irritation to the pimple.
for treatement use cucumber juice because juice is very gainfull and it effects quickly.
1.cut cucumber in to pieces and absorb water from that for example vitamin A, pottasium will exchange in to water
2.use the water on the face to get rid of pimples.


Turmeric is antibacterial. as it kills bacteria and reduce redness, pain,sweeling. it is best of the home remedy which gives good result

img-20170204-wa0030with turmeric its very effective to use milk with this.
1.use 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder in bowl to make the paste add milk in it,and rose water mix it well.
2. apply the paste on face keep for few minutes you will see the result after washing with water you see the redness
of pimple reduces and also the spot where there was pimple.


Lemon juice is a citric acid and a very rich in vitamin C, which has many benifits for all skin. lemon juice is a natural skin whitener,
so it can act to reduce the pimple redness.
1.cut lemon in two pieces squezze the juice, use cotton balls to apply the juice on your pimple directly.
2.if you want to add a bit honey in too it ,you can add it in to lemon juice it will be very helpful and protect
your sensitive skin. make sure you will apply only on pimple.


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