Colored wigs are the new trend!


Colored hair has never been out of trend, be it a streak or full length hair color. This trend is not just restricted to girls even boys appear to be very much influenced by hair coloring. But, the latest much adopted and appreciated up gradation in the field of hair coloring is a WIG. Wigs are considered as the most stylish and easy to carry fashion trend these days. they can provide you a personality and style makeover.



Wigs are an alternate to hair coloring as coloring and hair dying often damages the hair and its natural look. Wigs are more trending these days as they can change the entire look of an individual in on go.

I don’t want to carry the daily long hair look!
I don’t like the color of my hair but, I don’t want to go for hair coloring!
I want to carry a different hair color everyday but how?
I don’t like my straight/curly hair!

Calm down people, here you go with one answer for so many questions:
Colored hair wig!

RED– One of my personal favorites, this color is very bold and is considered as the symbol of confidence and passion. When you have no clue about what to do, I suggest, go for red.


INDIGO– This color has always provided me with positive vibes. This color is a signal of calmness and peace. If you dream of a cool yet calm and composed look Indigo is the choice.



ORANGE– An eye catchy stuff! Orange stands for optimism and positivity. If unique is your choice answer is orange. If you dare to combine it with different shades,  you can do wonders your look with an absolute makeover.



GOLD– BLONDE look is the accurate term for describing this color. This color has never been out of trend and it depicts success, achievement and triumph. It is the first choice for every other person these days but still is one of my favorites as it has its own magic.


MAGENTA– This color is just too appealing. I just get my eyes off a person with this hair shade or wig. This color is an indicator of kindness and love. This color is much more preferred and suitable for girls but yes thumbs up for a magenta hair wig.


These are some of the colors of my choice you can definitely numerous color options and color combinations to enhance your looks. So Boys and girls let’s pace up with trend.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ishaan Shakunt says:

    Very well written and detailed! Thank you so much for your insight.


    1. trendinclined says:

      Thank you Ishaan! stay connected for more articles 🙂


  2. Dilshad says:

    Kya baat hai Radhika.. vry good..
    Impressive work…

    Liked by 1 person

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