Tattoos: The art of drawing imagination

Venuka Mongia

You can’t buy happiness but, you can have tattoos on your body. Are you fond of getting inked? If yes, then scroll down to see different tattoos, on different parts of body, with their different meanings. Tattoos  reflect different meaning like peace, love, music, freedom etc.

Tattoos on body parts

ARMS: this place in body is famous among boys, they like to flaunt it with style, making tattoos on your arms symbolizes strength.


WRIST: for girl wrist is the best part of the body to get a tattoo, a girl can grab attention of boys by flaunting her tattoo.


SHOULDER: both girls and boys get tattoos on their shoulder. They often choose to make bigger tattoos because, some boys prefer body building. Mostly, they prefer picture of their favourite hero.thUM11FHUA.jpg

LEGS: most of the boys get tattoo on their legs, leg tattoos are visible only when a person is wearing knee length or three-fourth clothing. For example, if a boy is wearing shorts then it can be visible.


ANKLE: girls love to get a tattoo on ankle, because it is classy and stylish. They mostly go for designs like flowers, butterfly, love etc.


FEET: just like ankle people love to make tattoos on feet because it attracts viewers.


BEHIND THE EAR: both girls and boys get tattoos behind the ears, as it reminds them of their goal in  life. So you should try this place if you have plans to get inked.


NECK: many people get inked on neck, because neck is the area which is always exposed. And it is very attractive and clay for a viewer’s eye.


So if you are thinking of getting a tattoo on your body then decide it as each body part you want to want to get inked at carries special significance.

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