Slay it with slits


By: Apekchhya Shrestha

Rough and rugged has always been the trendsetters. Style yourself with the same clothes you wear but with a little modification, just add a little slit.

  1. Les Traditional:

Carry your roots with you in your traditional wear, but move on with time and trend with slit Kurtis. Look conservative and still sexy.


2. The knee slits:

We can call it a blessing of the year and no one can deny that. Knee slit pants are so on right now. It goes with anything and everything. Casual yet special enough to catch a second glance, this is the thing.

3. Draped in the Dress:

Dresses and gowns have been our go to for any special occasions. Why not add some spice by adding a slit? Go ‘head and flaunt those legs.

4. Attention teaser casual:

They say the world is your ramp. So, got to look the best you can, you just need a casual maxi with a slit.



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