I know it’s tough to decide a gift for someone when  you have so many options. So it’s better to gift a gift basket in which all the necessary items are there and one would be happy to get it. Buying gift basket from market costs more and we don’t even get satisfied from it as we don’t know what will be inside it and what will be its quantity and quality.

So I thought how good it would be to make a personalised gift basket at home, no? You will be able to gift all those things which you wish to gift and it will also cost you less. And most importantly, handmade gifts are always adored more, so one more good reason adds up here.

First you need to collect all the things which you want to gift.


  • Apparels: I bought a sweater, pair of socks and hanky. You can also buy t-shirt, joggers, gyming clothes etc. For a girl, you can buy top, jumpsuit or anything.


  • Body Care: You can add hand sanitiser, shampoo, face wash etc. For a bearded guy, you can add beard shampoo or oil. I thought of gifting body wash, moisturizing lotion and spray mint.


  • Eatables: Now this is the best thing which one would love to see in his gift basket. You can add from maggie to wine. I preferred cup cakes, wafers, swiss roll, pringles, chocolate, juice etc.


Then take a basket. It’s not required to buy basket from market. You can use anything which is kept spare at your home and then you can decorate it later with painting colors or craft items. The basket which I used, was also kept as spare at my home.


Then pack all the things in basket. You can buy gifting transparent wrapper but what I used is a notebook cover. I decorated it in a very simple manner. But you can customize it, the way you want.


Now you are ready with your personalized gift basket.

I hope I helped you to decide a gift for your loved one and how to present it in affordable way.

Thankyou for reading. 🙂


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