7 Life Hacks For Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle While Still Enjoying Summer

Megha Kumari

The weather is getting warmer and the lazy hazy days of summer are finally here. Yay! But you know what else is here? Summer cocktails, backyard barbecues and well, let’s face it – laying in a chair for multiple hours on end.
Over the years, the few tips that have allowed me to enjoy summer while still maintaining healthy habits. Today, I’m sharing with you 7 easy tips on how to have fun this summer and treat yourself, while also practicing self-care so you can look and feel incredible all summer long.

1. Get your workout done first thing in the morning.
Scheduling time to workout in the summer can be super tricky, and every excuse why you shouldn’t is amplified tenfold. But the longer in the day you leave your workout, the less likely it is to happen. So set your alarm a bit earlier and get that workout in first thing in the morning. Even a 20 minute jog will help rev up your metabolism for the rest of the day and get those feel-good endorphin flowing. No excuses. Just get up and get it done! You won’t regret it.
2. Grill all the veggies!
Backyard barbecues do not have to mean burgers, wings, ribs and hot dogs. Grilling up vegetables like bell peppers, tomato, red onion and mushrooms give them an insanely delicious, smoky flavor and will help to fill up your plate with nutritional goodness. You can throw them directly onto the grill or use a grilling basket. You can also toss them in a bit of olive oil, vinegar and crumble cheese after grilling to take things up a notch.
3. Host a healthy dinner party.
Do something different and host a healthy dinner party. There is something so satisfying about spending time with your friends while fueling your body with nutritious food. Make things exciting by challenging your guests to “healthily” their favorite summer recipe, or bring locally sourced fruits, vegetables and meats.
4. Infuse your sparkling water.
Walk away from the diet soda! Be smart about the way you quench your thirst this summer and steer clear of empty calories from thing like sugary iced tea and lemonade. My top pick is sparkling water infused with delicious combinations like grapefruit and thyme, strawberry and lemon or blueberry and lime.
5. Always contribute something nourishing.
Invited to someone else’s place? Make an effort to contribute something to the food table that will help everyone feel amazing mind, body and soul. My go-to is this vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free Mac n’ ‘Cheese’. It is always a hit at any party.
6. Go outside and play.
When was the last time you went outside to play? There is plenty of time all winter to be cooped up indoors, so take advantage while you can! Nature has a massive positive impact on our mental health. Go for a bike ride, hike, canoe, kayak or try bungee jumping. Just get outside!
7. Live in the moment.
Don’t forget to stay present and enjoy all the beauty summer has to offer. Don’t stress and let go of perfection. Health is a journey and it is all about finding a balance that works for you. Do what you can, with what you’ve got, wherever you are. Celebrate your healthy habits instead of looking at it as a chore. Summer is short and life is good. So treat yourself to a bowl of cherries and an ice cream cone and soak it all up!


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