Your Covers for this Summer

It’s gonna be hot, but you’re gonna look cool!

By Apekchhya Shrestha, 10th March,2017

Welcome the coming days with open arms, style yourself with these light fabrics this summer. Say hi to summer with these must haves:

1.The Plain and Simple:
They say keep it plain and simple. They sure are right, this plain t-shirt can never go wrong on a hot summer day. It goes well with literally anything and everything in your outfit.


2.White Shorts:
Oh yeah! You know and I do, we all need these in our wardrobe for the summer. Comfy, trendy and pretty as anything you want to compare it with, what’s stopping you? Just get it!93537774bac4d1914adfc71c1a63fc87pin.jpg
3.Do Not just see through this see through:
This sheer is pretty rad! And every girl needs to bring this sexy to her wardrobe. You’re gonna look heaven and hell sent at the same time. 😉c6582d25bfc71b733098aeffbe244788pin.jpg
4.The lace dress:
Just take a look at it and you’ll know it, this is “the” dress for summer. Even the looks of it makes you forget the heat that’d bother you in summer.15cca49d158e7fbcc957cfb0b77a5eb1pin.jpg
5.Rock that maxi:
The best way you can wear a maxi skirt is to pair it with a simple plain top. Look casual and look Boho at the same time!IMG_20170314_231026pin.jpg
6.Say YES to Rompers:
Boho is never getting old and rompers are always going to be your best friend for the summer. So this combo of Rompers and Boho is surely going to make you happy.b41ccc6a688659cdb091d51a4ad70293pin.jpg


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