By Radhika Sharma

Stressed?  The word which itself seems so sweet if we reverse the letters (DESSERTS) but still people have made it so big that the thing which they would be stressed about would be small but they would think of this word STRESS and increase their mental pressure. But people out their reading this, I must tell you that the world is really small and there are very few important people in life which keeps on changing and there is no point thinking about anyone and anything that hurts you or pinches you in. life is all that – you laugh, you cry, you get worried, you sing or dance and live unapologetically choosing to embrace and that makes you who are.

Okay let’s make it little interesting and learn the new alphabet n counting order of life.

A B C – Avoid bad company

D E F – Don’t entertain fools

G H I – Go for high ideasmaxresdefault.jpg

J K L M – Just keep a friend like me

N O P – never overlook the poor and suffering

Q R S – Quit reacting to silly tales

T U V – Tune yourself for victory

W X Y Z – World expects you to zoom ahead in life

And the count says that

9 glass of water is importantmaxresdefault(1).jpg

8 hours sleep

7 tours with family

6 digit income

5 days’ work a week

4 wheel vehicle

3 BHK house

2 ideal kids

1 loyal partner

0 Tensions

I hope you all would learn this new ABCD n counting soon and follow it.

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