5 easy nail arts using household things

In these Nail Arts I have used some household things which will make it easy for you to do it without spending much on nail art tools and it will look attractive too.

Always try to apply Nude base coat on your nails before applying any Colored nail paint, as it protects your nails and also keeps your Nail Paint last longer.

  1. First apply a Brown or Nude shade as your base, then apply Black shade slantly on 1/4th of your nail. Then apply White dots vertically on half of the nail. In this I have used a white dotting nail art tool but you can also use a tooth pick to make these white dots. A tooth pick can never be a mess to use.


2. Apply Pink shade as your base and then make hearts using a tooth pick or a nail art tool. You can make as many hearts as you want.


3. Apply Red shade as your base. I wanted to make strawberry design, so first I made leaves and then I made some dots using a tooth pick. I used Yellow shade for making leaves and dots, you can also use Green shade if you want. I like this one’s the most, as it gives a very girly and cute look.


4. First apply Silver base coat, then apply Black shade horizontally on 1/4th of your nail. Try to mix both these colors and give it a messy look using a tooth pick. I used Silver nail art tool. You can do this design for a party look, as it looks very trendy.


5. Apply White nail paint as your base. Then take an old make-up sponge or any other sponge and cut it in a short piece and apply White and Orange shade horizontally on that sponge and then tap the sponge on your nails.


I hope you liked these Nail Art designs and you will try these soon.


If you have got some more cool ideas, then please do share with us on trendinclinedblog@gmail.com

Thankyou for reading. 🙂



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  1. Vijay says:

    Amazing nail art

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 5candy says:

      Thankyou. 🙂


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