Crop top is back to rock the trend again

d873db5aa62ec0d3d9aef7f0b8fefb1dCrop Tops make you look chic and make you look thinner and stylish.From a casual weekend wear to an elegant evening outfit, we are highlighting our favourite cool, stomach-baring crop tops that we think every girl must make a member of their girls try with different crop tops with different styles to look prettier.

Print Crop Tank:


This crop top is not only comfy, but gives your body that extra volume to look proportionate.  This crop top comes in various prints like polka, leopard, tribal, vintage and many more.

Chiffon Crop:


This is a good option for women who want to experiment with the crop-top craze, but aren’t crazy about letting it all hang out. Try this silk chiffon a thin shaded with skinny black pair of jeans.

Cropped V-Neck: 


This crop top is one of its best top  because it is well fitted to the bust line it is very chic if worn on the correct body type. The Crop V-Neck comes in all colours and prints.

Sequenced Crop: 


This type of crop is wear when you go to club or rock a social event, it is covered with sequences.they always look great and sexy.

The Blouse Crop:


The ruffled bottom and open back further serve to modernize the look. However, the base of this outfit must have a strong theme colour added to it like dark denim blue jeans or black leggings to create a contrast.

girls hope you like this different styles of crop tops now don’t confuse while buying the crop top from markets.



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