Light Lamp DIY

Megha, 19th March 2017.

IMG_0231 (2) (2)

Next time you have an ice-cream I suggest preserve the ice cream sticks as it is one of the most creative things that can be used in crafts. I remember how our S.U.P.W madam from the school days used to force us into all this creative stuff. But with time I have realized that creativity is a part of life. Well, today I am sharing with you all how we can make a light lamp with ice cream sticks. There are numerous options available when it comes to creating stuff with ice cream sticks, but this one is my favorite as it is simple and classy.
The pictures will demonstrate how the lamp can be made. 

  •  Steps to prepare the main body of the lamp:


  • Steps to make the top covering of light lamp:

Insert an electric bulb inside the body you have made and thee it is…

And your light lamp is ready!


This can be an amazing gift for someone or can be used for house decoration. Hence, this is a suitable example of best out of waste! Happy trying.. 
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