5 type of shoes for men

By Satchit Rajbanshi

Good dress up makes your first impression where ever you role. So shoes draw the attraction in your dressing. And these are my priority shoes that mans should have. They can be different from other according to age and test. Also, I am not advertising this brand.

1*pair black leather shoes 

For formal and as well as for casual outfit.


2*brown leather shoes

For the formal and casual outfit, you should have a pair of brown leather shoes. You can also wear this shoes with jeans for casual wear.



Some time to have the bad boy look boots is the perfect option.images (1).jpg

4*Leather casual shoes

Leather casual shoes like loafer can give you a look of bad boy and formal at the same time. You can wear this with the formal and casual outfit.

images (2).jpgFashion-Black-font-b-brown-b-font-font-b-loafers-b-font-mens-dress-shoes-genuine.jpg

5* sneakers, trainers or sports shoes

Whatever you call it is not the shoes that you wear for running or playing sports. It is the shoes that you wear for a casual look in everyday work.








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