simple dot nail art

Being a woman, it’s very important you look fabulous and stunning in every sense, whether it’s a dress, shoes or about nails. But some nail designs take a long time and it’s really tiring even before you start. so it’s for them who love nail art but also prefer to be done faster.

It is a simple nail art designs to keep      n6
your nails look elegant and stylish in
fewer simple steps:
Just get yourself dotting tools.

Prepare your nails and apply a base coat [transparent] to protect your nails and to last longer, followed by primary color of your choice.
n4spread the primary color either on a sheet or on small space of table or book with brush and with the dotting tool start making dots on your nail with a secondary color. You can go as many colors as u want. Just like in the picture here.

Don’t forget to use different dotting tools of different sizes for a beautiful look.

And at the end seal it with the top coat [transparent] so that it will seal together the final look beautifully adding more shine to it.
Then the work is done.
You are ready to go out just in five minutes 😉
{pictures credit- from Google}


=Yeshey Lhamo


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