Tame Your Temper

At one point of your life, you are bound to feel angered at somebody, by somebody and for somebody. And although, researchers have said that it is normal for one to feel that emotion, it has proven to be destructive to one’s health and its social circle.

Anger may seem repulsive but it is not impossible to have it under control, although I am in no position to say it is going to be easy. But no harm in trying. Follow these tips, step-by-step, to tame your temper:

  1. Fun activities:

When you feel like you are going to enter into your temper zone, try to do activities which seems fun to you. Not only does this keep you distracted from potential anger but it also subsidizes the anger because now you are happy doing something you enjoy. SO the next time you feel you are going to throw a fit of anger, just box away your anger, dance away your anger and run away your anger.


2. Relaxation

Meditation, Yoga practices, taking a few deep breaths and other practices which you use for relaxation purpose also reduce the frequency of you getting mad. It may be small and insignificant but then it helps.


3. Paper is your best friend.

When you are mad at someone, you feel the need to talk about it to someone but why don’t you try venting it on a paper. So the next time you feel the need to share because you are angry, just pick up a pen and scribble it on the paper. Trust me, it helps in both social and emotional level.


4. Think before you speak.

Words have the potential to make a deeper cut than any sharper swords and once you speak, the damage done is irreparable. Furthermore, you don’t realize what you are speaking in the fit of anger. Hence, you need to be careful of what you speak because the words once spoken cannot be taken back.


Hence, these are some of my ways of taming my temper.

If you have anything difference, then just comment below and don’t forget to like the page.

By Tshering Choden Wangmo

Picture Credit: shutterstock


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