Ethnic Bhutanese Dresses

Normally Bhutan stands out to be  one of the independent nations despite of being  comparatively Small  in size and very less population. Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage ,traditions and unique art,sculpture and architecture up holds its identity .
Bhutanese national dress is pronounced as gho for men and Kira for women . The dresses are usually made out of different fabrics .
Most of the Bhutanese clothings are hand made which makes it expensive . However, the dresses are beautifully hand woven which indeed add elegance to those who tries it out .
It is often worn along with the kabneys and rachus(the local scarf) which indicates the
Disciplinary manners of the Bhutanese .For men, it is bit easy for the men to wear the dress as they simply have to wear sangay tego(the white inner with the ghos) but coming to women they have to wear tego (the outer) and wonju(inner) along with the kira, which makes it bit difficult .
Gho and Kira are meant to be worn by the all the office goers , people visiting the monasteries and  majority of the oldies prefer to wear it for the dress is bit preservative and eye catchy . Bhutanese constitution states that people are prohibited to enter designated places without gho and Kira . Even the school goers are made to wear the uniform gho and Kira in order to sustain our unique national identity .
By, Tshering Denkar

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