Nauvari Saree- Yesterday And Today


The NAUVARI Saari is a style of sari draping is very similar in Maharashtrian dhoti  style worn in MAHARASHTRA. Since this sari is usually worn by using a single nine yard cloth, it is to as Nauvari which means Nine Yards. It is referred to as Akanda Vastra, which means it doesn’t need any other attire to support it.It is not just worn at religious and cultural events, but women have fought wars in the past and still work in farmlands wearing this Such as TARArani sahib the woman emperor on Maratha warriors.indian-767872_1920.jpg

It is the traditional Marathi style of sari which is worn without a petticoat common among all the castes but the way of draping differs according to the region and topography as well like Brahmin women wear it in a particular way which is called as brahmni on the other side aagri people from the raigad district wear it in a knee length fashion is called as ‘adwa patal’ whereas with a small variation the kunbi or the farmer women of raigad district and some parts of ratnagiri as well wear nineyard which is called as “uprati”


A Koli tribe women also wear this style of sari with cut into two pieces. One piece is worn around the waist while the other piece is used to cover the upper part of the body. It is taken on the head over the left shoulder in the Maratha fashion.

The traditional ‘nauvari’ retains its charm even in the modern age. Earlier it was worn by Elderly women  but  in the contemporary fashion, the trend of wearing nine-yard Kasta sari is picking up fast in the younger lot that wants to keep the age-old Marathi tradition alive.Mostly worn in dance competitions, “lavani” and Maharashtrian folk dance, the Kasta sari has surely made a great come back in the fashion industry. Women dabbawalas in Mumbai are dressed in nauvari saris.

To make the wearing more easy and comfortable, the market is all set to sell stitched Kasta sari for those who love drape it. Shobhaa De in her blog told that she suggested to Mukesh Ambani that the cheerleaders of Mumbai Indians can wear the traditional nine yard kasta sari and perform dance routines for the local lavani.6eecf2953e8a9120a570cd6ce93516c5.jpg

Image courtesy- Google Images

NAUVARI saris are one of the most glamourous outfits for women in Bollywood films, Worn in song sequences. Generally in modern Bollywood fashion, the pallu is fully wrapped around the waist rather than on the shoulder and to cover the blouse or choli, folded chunri of contrast color is pinned up. Also the hairstyle on is step-cut up to shoulder length with smart nose ring or Nath and Chandrakor Bindi.

IN BOLLYWOOD the song sequence of “Humko Aaj Kal Hai Intezaar” in the film Sailaab featuring Madhuri Dixit in a yellow and green Nauvari sari. Another recent example is of Kim Sharma in the film Tom, Dick, and Harry . She played the role of Bijlee, a fisherwoman, for which she appeared in Kasta saris of different color throughout the entire film.

IN the movie named Agneepath actress Katrina Kaif dancing for an item song “Chikni Chameli” in a yellow kasta sari. Actress Vidya Balan also sari along with lavani dancers on  item number “Mala Jau De” , in movie Ferrari Ki Sawaari. In movie Baji Rao MAstani also actress have worn nauvari saari.


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