An Art of knitting

It is like making something out of nothing .
Initially knitting appears to be bit twisting and confusing to our eyes . But the trick lies between that two knitting sticks and the the wool that we are using . Every trick and styles of stitches can be achieved provided those three basic materials . Knitting is not only the work of women but it is the art that can be performed by any person having skills to knit.


The most interesting part of knitting is that once you are into the thing, you can make stitches without looking at it. One can knit to avoid the boredom . If you can knit something on your own then I am quite sure that you will be rich enough to own a thing made out of on your own .


Knit for yourself ,knit for others .
It will be more convenient to gift some one a knitted scarf, or a knitted sweater or a pair of gloves . What on earth can be better gift than this?
So knit and knit your life …….With different fibers
Make it more colourful


By :tshering Denkar

Source ..Google


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