Light UP Your Moods- CANDLES

Whenever we think of candles, it’s always when light goes off if not those expensive weddings or occasions of celebrations where candles are portrayed beautifully with various moods.
4If you think it will add too much glittery, you can always go for those “light” and “simple” candles that are extraordinarily stunning, innocent and gives a feel of pureness.
Decorating home with candles also brightens your mood and the scent adds freshness to your wound after long tiring day too.

Yes, there are definitely thousands of ways to decorate them and place them however way you like them too. Whether it is in dining room, washroom or kitchen, candles give us a good feeling adding more vitality.
7 5 1 9 2Candles add extra light and charm at home. And if you have love for candles it will be perfect for you to brighten your home with simple candles and design them. whether putting them in glasses with petals and stones or with waters sprinkling shinning over it or making candles float either on water or air.

pic credit= google


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