Hair Spa At Home


Instead of visiting saloons and wasting hefty amounts . Why don’t you get the basic essentials and do it by yourself? Home spa isn’t all about exclusive products. You can even try home made products if you are well aware of home made products .

As recommended by my friends the hardness of my hair has recently undergone therapeutic spa,Which has brought immense changes in my hair .
The daily compliments I receive from my friends are , hey! your hair looks really pretty these days.Where some says, did you straighten your hair?Well others say we are envious with your hair .So , what’s the secret?

I am really glad to hear such compliments as often . Thus, I would like to share my experiences I have gained with the usage of spa. So that it can help those who are suffering from damaged hair. The product I got is matrix smooth and straight.It is made up of chemicals which can penetrate through our hair,rejuvenate them and gives a deep nourishment.

Simple steps to apply spa ate home:
1. You have to undergo few steps before spa .
Apply oil levelly to your hair from top to bottom.
Give a deep scalp massage for few minutes and leave it to dry for 15 minutes . The more minutes the more effective it will be.
2. Wash you hair with clean water and rinse it once you are done with washing .Then apply shampoo as usual followed by conditioner and wash it off.
3.As you are done with conditioning ,please make sure your hair is little dry .Dry in the sense you have to clear the water which is being collected in your hair.
4. Apply the mask( as per your preference ) equally to your hair. Make it sure that you don’t miss any part of your hair. Clip it up , wrap the hair with a warm towel soaked in warm water. leave for atleast 30 mins .
5. After your 30 mins wait is over, rush to the washroom and wash off your hair again with clean water . Then let the hair dry once you are done . See the change and love your hair.

By :tshering denkar


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