Suitable Staircases Ideas

When you do an interior designing for a home,you gotta do it with precision in details, how much ever minute it may be or insignificant you think it is.

And this brings me to staircases. Often times, you paint a wall, put pretty curtains, bring in a king sized bed and do every necessary thing to give the place that you are or will soon  be living a homey vibes to it but you always forget the stair cases.

Here are some idea you can incorporate to your staircases:

  1. Mind adding a chic look to your style and giving that chic to your stair cases as well!e7eca856ed2379a6dca945e615e29803 2. If thats too spacey, then try this one space-saving staircase ideas. Wouldn’t you love to try it?10-the-most-cool-space-saving-staircase-designs-4.jpg 3. You can also put the pictures on the stair case wall but do consider the colors. Trust me, it is simple but the classiness remains too.


4. Or you can try out putting the pictures on each rung of the staircases. It looks totally lovely!


5. Use stair rugs. It will totally change the look of your stair lane.


6. Or remove those rug and add your creativity of design. You can paint on it or put stickers to match the themes.


These are some of the ideas you can use to give that appealing nature and that aesthetic value that you always wanted to give to your stair cases. I can’t wait to try it and if you have any more ideas that you want to share or want us to post, you can always comment and don’t forget to like and follow the page!

See you next time!!!

Tshering Choden Wangmo


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