Discovering life

Walking in the middle of this busy world she always tries to find her purpose of life. Surrounded by so many kind of people who, at one time show love while hatred at others. Confused by the changing behaviour of people she decides to find something or someone who can explain her about these unending changes……
       Determined by the curiosity of knowing the unknown she started her journey from the jungles.
                 What she experienced there was something which helps her a little to get rid of this confusion about this life. She stood still watching the difference in behaviour of all the animals.
Some were playful while others were lazy.
Some were peaceful while others were furious.
Some embrace sun while others loves moonlight.
         Everything taking place was so beautiful and pious that she was astounded by the wonders of the nature.
        Now from jungles she starts her journey towards the mountains. Snow covered mountains made her mind so peaceful and calm that she was actually rejoicing that very time.
  Then she went deep into the sea to experience the depth and that what comes out of her was love for the depth of life.
   Touching the sky she discovered the playfulness and liveliness in herself.
    And when she came back to the place from where she had started, she realized that life have so many facets and each one of it has its own importance and same is  with the people who change according to the time and situation.
  So at this point of time summing up everything she concluded the change is the truth of life without which the life would have been so monotonous.
           Life depends on how one wants to make it! So why not try to make best out of it!
By:Karan Tiwari

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